Sly Fox Wed Feb 22 07:20:03 -0500 2012

Subject: Postgresql Database Support/Setup

Is postgresql fully supported or not, I made a start on my project using php-activerecord but I'm having an issue getting objects, as best to my knowledge I've done everything correctly but am unsure how to move forward. I like this framework as a good between of simple usage with customisable features but it's miss leading that in the source code is says Postgres is unfinished but the site say it's fine.

Does using schema's in postgresql affect php-activerecord as one of the feature in my database is that it uses a good number of schema's are there particular variables that need to be applied in the model class or should I just set the table variable as 'schema.table' like i would if creating a query?

I'd really appreciate any knowledge in this area as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance!

Jasper Tey Mon Apr 23 12:38:15 -0400 2012

I'd like to know as well, whether or not Postgres is fully supported.