Martijn Durnez Tue May 01 08:42:33 -0400 2012

Subject: Google Fusion Tables adapter

I thought it'd be cool to write an adapter for the Google Fusion Tables api ( since it's SQL based.

I used as a starting point.

The adapter is located @

Selects, updates and inserts seem to work. Associations work so far as I don't eager load them. When I use eager loading ('include') then it starts to use the table primary_key (always the rowid) as a primary_key for the association. Don't know why.

So far it feels cobbled together and I could use some advice/input/help from more knowledgable people.

To test it it set a connection like so.

'development' => 'fusion://gmailadres:gmailpassword@localhost/db'

Locahost and db aren't used.
in your model you need to explicitly set your table name (ie your google fusion table_id) like so

static $table = '1D_y1NUtWphmbSGe0jHp3Opqf3qQckyl66fBNMg';