prajyot prabhu Tue Dec 24 01:07:29 -0500 2013

Subject: Migrating to sql azure with php activerecord

I want to migrate a database from MySql to cloud based Sql Azure platform.I am currently using php-Activerecord-0.0.1 with codeigniter framework and it works great with MySql.

to connect with SQL Server i tried following proceedure:
1) I was able to connect to sql server database by using SqlSrv Adapter available at url:

2)As soon as it got connected,All existing activerecord-queries threw an error .That means all php-activerecord queries are not compatible with SqlServer db.

Can i use php- activerecord to query sql server database? , by doing some major or minor changes in Model.php /Table.php or SQLBuider in "php-activerecord\0.0.1\vendor\php-activerecord\lib"?

Please advice me on this.