kirk bushell Mon Dec 06 18:06:03 -0500 2010

Subject: Extending PHPActiveRecord

Hey guys!

We have a legacy system in use whereby each field and table has a suffix. I want to extend PHPActiveRecord so that when setting fields and retrieving data, that I do not have to worry about the suffix of those fields.

What is the best practise for extending the library? I checked the wiki and couldn't find anything.

Jacques Fuentes Sun Dec 12 12:20:04 -0500 2010

We have not had many requests for large extensions to the code base and thus we have no formalized best practice. It sounds like you need to make custom changes to a few areas and so you should probably fork php-ar on github and write your changes there.

forrest lyman Fri Jan 28 09:55:51 -0500 2011

I like the plugin approach of zf action helpers and would love to see something like this on the DBAL level. Maybe do something like exposing all of the callbacks to the plugin (adding before/after read). This approach enables you to add functionality globally or on a model by model basis without worrying about inheritance. This combined with an init() method would give a ton of flexibility to the system without dealing with overloading.