Taylor Otwell Mon Dec 20 23:41:59 -0500 2010

Subject: Nice Library!

Just wanted to give my thanks for this nice library! By far the easiest and most straight forward PHP ORM I have used!

Kien La Tue Dec 21 18:16:45 -0500 2010

Thanks for the post. Good to hear you like it.

Simon Harrer Mon Jan 31 12:21:11 -0500 2011


I have integrated it into Joomla 1.6 as a library. And it just works. I have used propel before, but this was too heavy weight ... keep up the good work and push it forward!

Alt - Sun Feb 06 16:51:25 -0500 2011

Im joining too=)
Currently starting learning PHP with AR+CI. Its really great and comfortable programming.
Thanks to developers!

Bruno Cassol Sun Feb 27 00:07:22 -0500 2011

simply F A N T A S T I C