Mr. Carl Fri Nov 02 11:11:39 -0400 2012

Subject: attribute_is_dirty has bug? maybe..

 1 A PHP Error was encountered
 3 Severity: Notice
 5 Message: Undefined index: order
 7 Filename: lib/Model.php
 9 Line Number: 558

Infor from model class: Check if a particular attribute has been modified since loading the model.
Its most likely not a bug but because of way I'm using attribute_is_dirty.

In new record I call before_create function which I check if the variable "order" is dirty by using the function called attribute_is_dirty. (not load model) I have list of items which order matters. If the variable "order" wasn't dirty/set on creation then I query the database find last item and set this new record order one greater.

Beside wrapping the mode class to create a custom attribute_is_dirty that search entry in dirty_attributes is there better way?