bart van der ploeg Wed Jun 23 14:52:22 -0400 2010

Subject: error_reporting

I,ve set error_reporting to E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE but still when I mistype any code that is specific to php.activerecord then I get a blank page instead of an error msg. Am I doing something wrong?


kirk bushell Wed Jun 23 23:27:06 -0400 2010

Check your PHP error reporting in the php.ini file. PHPActiveRecord seems to have it's own level of error reporting, and this may be clashing with one of your settings.

bart van der ploeg Thu Jun 24 04:05:49 -0400 2010

Where can I find this error reporting code in P.AR? I searched but could not find any ...

Kien La Thu Jun 24 22:11:45 -0400 2010

Actually php-activerecord doesn't mess with any error_reporting levels. You likely have it configured to not show errors. Check your display_errors setting in your php.ini.

kirk bushell Thu Jun 24 22:17:10 -0400 2010

ja. What I meant was - exceptions + display_errors = off = blank page.