francesco petraroli Mon Dec 10 05:27:03 -0500 2012

Subject: Create table with active records

Hi, i am a total newbie with active record and i have a very simple question:

How do you create a table using active records?

I really cant find any tutorial o post anywhere including this forum that explain how to do it(I don't see the search box in this forum so forgive me...)

i saw in the doc there are a couple of methods i might use:

i saw controller::create

also a "query" method but don't really understand how.

Sorry for the newbie question

francesco petraroli Tue Dec 11 00:57:20 -0500 2012

Ok, i mange to do it using Model::query and passing a raw query, can anyone explain me how instead i should use Connection::query? how and where should i create a Connection object?

juan cabrera Tue Dec 18 10:42:45 -0500 2012

I have the same problem, if you find the solution let me please .