Sven Leuschner Tue Jun 04 04:27:18 -0400 2013

Subject: Debugging

I may be blind but I was unable to find a method to make php ar display or log every query ...
on several occasions I got a stack-trace .. which isnt very helpful, since the stacktrace NEVER mentions the line in my method where I called a php ar method, instead the stack trace shows only php ar related methods and lines , which arend helpful if you develop a big database application and have hundreds of calls to php ar methods over the various Model::find_by_something calls ...
So how do I get php ar to display or log the queries - or at least display the line in my class that contained the initial call that produced an error

Brian Cain Thu Aug 15 00:48:43 -0400 2013

I was able to add debug code to the "lib\Connection.php" in the public function query($sql, &$values=array()).
After the $sth->setFetchMode(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);
Do a print_r($sth);

I hope this helps.