Ivan Masli Mon Sep 09 00:49:09 -0400 2013

Subject: find_by method undefined

Hello I'm using php-activerecord with Code Igniter
I have a table users with three columns id,name and password
When I tried to call this statement
User::find_by_name( //Some name);

This is the browser reply
Fatal error: Class 'ActiveRecord\ActiveRecordException' not found in C:\BitNami\wampstack-5.4.15-0\apache2\htdocs\Projects\CodeIgniter\application\third_party\php-activerecord\lib\Model.php on line 1385

Looking at line 1385 at Model.php
throw new ActiveRecordException("Call to undefined method: $method");

It implies that my find_by method is undefined, even though that I have column called name in my database.

Why is this happen and how can I use the find by method correctly?
Bonus If you can help my browser show the exception instead of that one

P.S I am using this link
to install my php-activerecord