Carsten Neufend Sun Jan 26 06:21:00 -0500 2014

Subject: Associations

Hello together,

i am a beginner so my questions maybe stupid ;-)

i have three tables paymanet ,user and things....
if i ask payment i can get users also by $Payment >payment> user that`s ok one payment has one user!!
Now i want to ask things by payment like $Payment->things here one payment has many things.

first: can i make an association between rows that are not ID? for example:
Payment || user || thing
id || id || id
user_id || . || rnr? to associate by rnr from payment?
rnr || . ||
second if that not possible how should the class for payment created and which rows do i need in table "thing"???

Hope someone can help...

with best reguards Carsten