a idiot Fri Oct 22 19:21:26 -0400 2010

Subject: Integration with Codeigniter 2.0

Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me how to get php.activerecord working with Codeigniter 2.0. This version isn't released officialy but I would like to know how to use php.activerecord with this latest version of Codeigniter, because it is considered 'stable'. Thanks in advance...


Matthew Machuga Sat Oct 23 15:26:23 -0400 2010

Hi, Ajk.

I wrote a tutorial a while back - here is the url: http://matthewmachuga.com/post/871550737/adding-php-activerecord-to-a-codeigniter-app

I'm not positive it's the absolute best way as of right now, but it works incredibly well. I'm revisiting it this week to see if I can optimize it at all.


Boris Strahija Mon Nov 01 19:13:17 -0400 2010

Thanx for the tutorial Matthew, nice work ;)
For CI 2.0 there's a small change in the way of including the core CI Model class:
require_once BASEPATH.'/core/Model.php';

It's just in a different folder, called "core" not "libraries"