Jasper Tey Sat Nov 27 16:50:49 -0500 2010

Subject: Dealing with the DateTime object

I've been referring to http://www.phpactiverecord.org/docs/ActiveRecord/DateTime

But when trying the example given in that page,

$now = new ActiveRecord\DateTime('2010-01-02 03:04:05');
ActiveRecord \ DateTime :: $DEFAULT_FORMAT = 'short';

I get the following error:
Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property: ActiveRecord\DateTime::$DEFAULT_FORMAT

What am I missing?

What I'm ultimately looking to do is set the default format for the datetime columns in my model. I'm using the v1.0 stable build.

Benjamin P Mon Nov 29 16:02:27 -0500 2010

The docs that you mention are generated from the nightly build, $DEFAULT_FORMAT didn't exist yet at v1.0.