Boris Strahija Fri Jan 21 10:28:47 -0500 2011

Subject: PHP AR + CodeIgniter modules

Is it possible to user PHP AR in CodeIgniter, but with modular extensions hmvc?

I think the problem is that model directory should be defined for each module.
Any suggestions?

Lucas Vasconcelos Tue Feb 08 15:27:51 -0500 2011

hey, i'm not using hmvc but i had a similar issue.

i have some models under a subfolder like APPPATH/models/secutiry/

so... what works for me was:

put at the beginning of the model class a namespace like:

namespace security;
class UserIdentity extends ActiveRecord\Model { ... }

and at the controller declare a 'use' like follow:

use security\UserIdentity;

class Login extends Controller {
function index() {

hope it works for you...