Michael Pavling Mon Jul 05 15:31:44 -0400 2010

Subject: Database connection for MS SQL

Is it possible to use php.activerecord with MSSQL as the database? And if so, what should the connection string passed to set_connections look like?

Kien La Tue Jul 06 18:04:07 -0400 2010

MSSQL is not currently supported. Someone has written a patch for it but I just haven't had a chance to merge his code and make the necessary changes to support it.

Michael Pavling Wed Jul 07 03:54:05 -0400 2010

That's a shame, but not hugely unexpected.

Would it be possible to try out the patch without any official support? I have a legacy DB schema that I need to do a few management/administration pages for, and I used an old version of phpactiverecord to do the same for a different site in Jan 2009 (although that was for a MySQL DB). Given the choice of an ORM, I'd love to stay with the AR implementation.