Mike Case Mon Sep 19 06:31:02 -0400 2011

Subject: [SOLVED] Returns an empty result set..but why?.. [/SOLVED]

I'm using php-activerecord with codeigniter 2.0.3...
It's all working grand except that I keep getting an empty resultset on a database table that I KNOW for a fact has info in it. The table name is notes. It has about 4 different "test notes" in it. When I run my query...Notes::find('all', array('order'=>'RAND','limit'=>'1')); I get returned 1 empty array. If I run it minus the 'limit'=>'1' option I get 4 empty result sets... When I look at the database there are 4 items in the table...So I'm just not understanding why I'm getting result sets when it obviously see's information in the table...any help would be greatly appreciated.

Don't use ...
function _construct(){

In your php-activerecord models :P