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09:17 AM PHP ActiveRecord General: Is activercord still active?
I see last stable build was 2010 and night build was 2013. So seems activercord not being support anymore?


10:13 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: How to invoke stored procedure?
You may be able to do this.. Take look at the model class function query and then follow it to connection class funct...
09:54 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: After Find Callbacks
Why do you need to break it part vs just using format date?
<pre class="code"><code class="php">
// Example 1


09:08 PM PHP ActiveRecord General: Validate only dirty varables on update
You may want to edit Model/Validation so the validation is only run on dirty variables vs. whole model. Or have meth...
04:26 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Multiple Database Connections
Take look at "Configuration Setup Multi-connections":
11:11 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: attribute_is_dirty has bug? maybe..
<pre class="code"><code class="php">
A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: Notice
Message: Undefined index: or...


01:48 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Can you spot what I've done wrong?
<pre class="code"><code class="php">
class User extends ActiveRecordModel
static $has_many = array


06:15 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: closing db connection
We need more information like how you have the database config define, model coding, etc.
<pre class="code"><code...
05:44 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: get the records that are updated on the current day
<pre class="code"><code class="php">
$today = new ActiveRecord\DateTime('now'); // extends class off php DateTime
05:09 PM PHP ActiveRecord General: RE: Support ENUM or SET validation without custom function?

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