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11:56 AM PHP ActiveRecord General: Three tables relationship
I am working on a permissions system. I have three tables. groups (id|name), permissions(id|permission) and permissio...


07:17 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: How to I write this sql?
I want to get results where requester_id = $this->user_id or receiver_id = $this->user_id and is_pending = 1;
I tr...


11:37 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Fatal error if record not found
I still get error if I use find_by_id.
04:17 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Problem with ssociations
I want to get a users messages. What am I doing wrong? I get a huge fatal error.
<pre class="code">
Fatal error: U...
03:36 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Fatal error if record not found
If I am submitting a id that does not exist in the database, php-acticerecord gets a fatal error.

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