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02:16 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Non Database Properties
I want my model to create new object properties from from fields that were stored in the database combined with some ...


04:54 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: After Find Callbacks
I like the third example, but I'm not completely understanding it. What do you mean by "Use the call back/constructor...


01:55 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: After Find Callbacks
I want to automatically run a callback after I find data in a database. The callback would do something like take a d...


09:05 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Multiple Database Connections
I haven't tested this fully on my site yet, but that looks to be exactly what I was searching for.
Thank you.


04:12 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Multiple Database Connections
I'm sure someone has asked this question but I can't find the answer.
How would one connect to a different databas...

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