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08:48 PM PHP ActiveRecord Revision b669e413b198aceae03075988e5b9fcfd7338092: - added *.swp files to be ignored
- added new ArraySerializer Serialization class
- changed JsonSerializer which extends ArraySerializer to dry things ...


05:15 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Looping through validation errors
Or the new to_array() method ->


10:24 PM PHP ActiveRecord Revision 64b2ecaeba8d3ae6946af0fa700f5b9686e59671: fixed test
10:21 PM PHP ActiveRecord Revision 0753c57252c3dc849ac9b450f33ab63b94ca28c8: each attribute in error can have multiple erro...
10:12 PM PHP ActiveRecord Revision bada4a80b74fb3333915780cabc545b6175c4e99: added new errors() method to return not only t...


09:24 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: create/add functions
I too was looking for something like this, what's the generally accepted way of associating existing models to each o...


05:48 PM PHP ActiveRecord General: [SOLVED] Best approach to 'virtual attributes' ?
[UPDATE] Sorry all, I found the answer.. feel like a bit of a dope! -

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