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12:38 PM PHP ActiveRecord General: RE: Postgresql Database Support/Setup
I'd like to know as well, whether or not Postgres is fully supported.


11:40 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: validates_numericality_of bug?
I notice a quirk with the numericality validator; consider the following example on a decimal(10,2) field "amount":


09:42 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Can not connect to database on production server
I've experienced this when the database server is down; but what I want to add is that the fatal error exposes the da...


04:10 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: validates_uniqueness_of does not account for nulls?
I noticed when I have a validation as such:...


07:07 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Retrieve an entire result-set in json form?
Is it possible to retrieve an entire result-set in json form? For example:
$users = User::all(); // returns an arr...


02:48 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Intercepting the updated_at Automatic Timestamp?
Is there a way to intercept the automatic updated_at timestamp so that it only updates when certain fields of the mod...


07:34 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Issues with BLOB attributes
During my tests, I had tried PDF and a Word doc; are those binary per se?


04:33 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Issues with BLOB attributes
When working with BLOB attributes, the content I set is not being stored as-is (I assume due to SQL injection protect...


02:35 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Applying conditions to Model::update_attributes?
I was looking up the Model::update_attributes function in the docs: http://www.phpactiverecord.org/docs/ActiveRecord/...


04:19 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Using finders to apply conditions on the associations?
Say I have a model Post, which can have many Comments. i.e., Post has the association
$has_many = array("comments"...

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