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03:16 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: complex conditions
The place holder-style implementation is known as a prepared statement. It essentially eliminates SQL injec...
09:04 AM PHP ActiveRecord General: RE: Saving related objects?
The best implementation of this I've used is probably Doctrine. Maybe look at that for some pointers.
In that you ...
08:22 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: complex conditions
I believe you have multiple problems with your example code some relevant, some possibly not:
1. When doing a like...


11:44 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Creating Tables Doesn't Work
Thanks this works.
For anyone that happens to trying to use temporary tables the way I ended up doing it was to c...


01:11 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Problem with getting started
It'd probably work if you set the table name explicitly
12:27 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Creating Tables Doesn't Work
I don't know if this is just PDO weirdness or an actual bug. Basically if I do any CREATE TABLE statement though find...


10:13 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Automatically Joined Tables
Firstly thanks for the great ORM. I've tried a lot of the non-framework-specific ones and this one has worked...

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