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02:33 PM PHP ActiveRecord General: RE: query object
I have a very simplistic version of this working. At this point it is more of a proof of concept, but it does work:


10:20 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Troubles with finders
why would it throw an exception if your result set is empty?
01:42 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: callback scope
I just tried this with the nightly build and it works as expected. Thanks for resolving it!
12:51 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: callback scope
I am running into an odd situation which may just be the way that late static binding works with php, but hopefully t...
09:55 AM PHP ActiveRecord General: RE: Extending PHPActiveRecord
I like the plugin approach of zf action helpers and would love to see something like this on the DBAL level. Maybe do...
09:45 AM PHP ActiveRecord General: query object
have you guys considered creating a query object as an alternative option for composing select statements? At first I...
02:02 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Basic Has Many Though
The naming convention is a little tricky. I will elaborate once i figure it out better, but here is an example that w...
01:30 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: callback for fetch operations?
is there any built in way to a condition to all queries for a model?
i have a base user model and a separate mode...


11:25 PM PHP ActiveRecord General: zend framework integration
I really like what you have all done with this project. I have written a couple simplistic PHP AR solutions but all b...

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