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10:51 AM PHP ActiveRecord Revision 6f72eb7958e7dd18a85b374ee28477de748acbd8: added autoloader for the ActiveRecord namespac...


02:00 PM PHP ActiveRecord Revision 38d5a6526c8a6e6890c14e47ee98d7861277601c: composer file for


12:42 PM PHP ActiveRecord General: RE: RE: Next stable release?
Shoot me an email at cvanschalkwijk[at]gmail[dot]com if you're interested in helping out with a 1.1 release...


01:14 PM PHP ActiveRecord General: RE: PHP-AR show my MySQL login and password in errors!
You need to catch that exception when you're setting up your connection.


02:22 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Read Only
It's $__readonly, the variable is there and it c...


07:37 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Tree Object
The relationship is already recursive, so you don't need to query it again in your tree. Could you explain what it i...
12:14 AM PHP ActiveRecord General: RE: PDO options
You can pass in the character set in the connection string of the config, e.g. mysql://user:pass@localhost/db?charset...
12:10 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Using activerecord with multiple DB shards/partitions
I looked over the code and it would be pretty substantial to support sharding. Have you looked into a proxy to hand...


11:42 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Multiple self-referencing associations
I would just set it up as as parent to children and use a getter to parse out the actual relationship since it will b...
10:15 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: stable vs nightly
Nightly builds are generated from the master branch. There are about 150 commits worth of new features and patches ...

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