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12:08 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: has_many association problem
I've noticed that phpactiverecord makes all your field names lower case - even if you're using an alias. Try accessin...


08:36 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Model Constructor Function -- How to?
Hello. I'm trying to set up a way to initialize a memcache object within my model class, and I'm having a lot of trou...


08:21 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Escaping Like Clause - How to do?
Hello, I was wondering if there is any way to have activerecord escape a like clause when using a ::find. Right now, ...


05:52 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Help with accessing indexes from result set
Is there some way to loop through all of the field names in the result set?
For example:
$result = mysq...

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