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10:12 AM PHP ActiveRecord General: Changes in forum please
I know, it's clean and concise, etc...
but i can't search in it. Every time i have a question i must seek on the ent...


03:59 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Tree Object
Ouch, sorry for it,
When you say is already recursive, you mean i can call it with some param to return recursive ...


12:19 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Retrieving 200,000 record from the DB.
Using limit, offset will result in a lot of querys to db.
Will be great to have the 'query->row' method to return t...
11:20 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Tree Object
Hi all,
I'm triying to create a Tree using a Db Model, lets the code talks
<pre class="code">
class Cont...

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