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05:03 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Help with Validations
I want to use validations in my model and was checking the validations_uniqueness_of
I believe this validati...
04:55 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Having problem with has_many associations
Close this post I found the solution.
02:58 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Having problem with has_many associations
Hi All,
Im in a middle of something and this weird stuff happening !!!
I have some models / tables all are work...


07:36 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Join, search and Sort
Hi friends,
I have a DB with lets say 3 tables. each table is associated with one of the columns. (NOTE: I am not ...


10:25 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: Associations, Joins and Data??
Hi all
I have a database with existing tables as per another application. the tables does not use the primary key...

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