Quick Start

This guide will show you the bare essentials to get up and running with php-activerecord. I will assume you have downloaded the library into your include_path in a directory called php-activerecord.

The first steps are to include the library and define our database connection:

require_once 'php-activerecord/ActiveRecord.php';
        'development' => 'mysql://username:password@localhost/database_name'));

Next, lets create a model for a table called users. We'll save this class in the file models/User.php.

class User extends ActiveRecord\Model

That's it! Now you can access the users table thru the User model.

# create Tito
$user = User::create(array('name' => 'Tito', 'state' => 'VA'));
# read Tito
$user = User::find_by_name('Tito');
# update Tito
$user->name = 'Tito Jr';
# delete Tito

Easy, huh?