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08:46 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Prevent inserting duplicate entry
Hi Hamid,
I think you can do it with a raw query. For example:
'INSERT IGNORE INTO users (id, n...


08:41 AM PHP ActiveRecord Wiki edit: Configuration__Setup (#6)
08:39 AM PHP ActiveRecord General: RE: My experience with activerecord
I've just found the solution to my problem above. The charset should be specified this way:
$connections = array(
07:58 AM PHP ActiveRecord General: RE: RE: My experience with activerecord
If CRUD is nothing fancy, then can you tell me why I can't even read a simple column in my database? I have the last ...


05:00 PM PHP ActiveRecord General: My experience with activerecord
I have spend a few hours trying to make it work.
The library is rather hard to use due to lack of documentation. I...

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