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12:43 PM PHP ActiveRecord Website Downtime
We've moved! Previously this website was running at a less than ideal facility. Over the weekend we moved it to a muc...


12:39 AM PHP ActiveRecord General: RE: idea: has_ function
I think you mean column instead of row (checks if *row* is null or empty)? But yeah this would be a useful addition.
12:32 AM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: RE: Read Only
There is actually no "static $readonly = true".
Your original method of overriding is_readonly() would be the best...


11:47 PM PHP ActiveRecord Revision 1e4dd2881803a8d67396047664a3223e8e734a22: only check directory exists if something was s...


02:25 PM PHP ActiveRecord General: RE: Error thrown when following "Quick start guide"
Could you show the full stack trace?
02:15 PM PHP ActiveRecord Revision ebb6ec7dc7af38a784c0ee7dd98437fd5ad88ec7: removed sequence support from SQLiteAdapter
this is not necessary (and broke a test) since sqlite supports auto incrementing primary keys
01:45 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Getting the sql string
Try user_model::table()->last_sql
01:44 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Find Count
What are you trying to do?
01:43 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Does php-activerecord support single table inheritance strategy
Not supported at this time.


10:12 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Different format for created_at/updated_at?
Try overriding Model::set_timestamps() with your own version.

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