Web Design Trends To Watch

Web design continues to be one of the most popular, common and in demand software development profiles even. There are multiple web design jobs across the industry and thus the demand for web design developers remains high. However the web design industry has witnessed several changes over the years and it has evolved hugely from the earlier times. With each there are always new trends that hit the market and are the flavor of the season. The year has seen its own trends and patterns when it comes to web design development.

Charting Web design trends

Every year witnesses different web design patterns and trends based on what’s working during that period of time. Let us have a look at some of the web design trends that have made a mark in 2019.

3D illustration: The brands like Stripe and Pitch have continued their push for the 3D illustration in the modern web design trends. The web designers are looking to provide realism as well as depth to the graphics so that it can blur the boundaries between the physical and the digital spheres. This also sharpens contrast between humans and digital content as it brings together the imaginary spaces where people manipulate and grasp the digital elements. 3D illustration is a very intuitive way of capturing the attention of the website readers and thus it is going to remain one of the web design trends that we will see popping up across different websites in various spaces.

Typography based layouts: Typography has always been one of the most fundamental aspects of the web design and now with the advancement of the technology the developers have got higher level of freedom and expression with experimenting with the typography. Words now assume the physical presence in terms of design as a form of structural component around which rest of composition flows. One of the primary uses of the typography is to highlight the treatment of the Letterforms as the form of graphic elements, applying effects, animations and deformations and combining the different styles as well as weights with different in the same paragraph.

Black and white palettes: Admittedly color is one of the most important factors of any website as it cultivates a unique style, mood and symbolizes a brand by creating the visual landmarks. The year has witnessed the black and white design making an impressive statement in the various websites that we see. Color is how we come to see the world and absorb the lights. When those vibrant colors are missing we see the world in a different perspective as the shapes and textures become clearer which makes the world appear slower. White is considered to be reserved and clean whereas black is the strong and assertive. When you combine these two you get a stunningly striking look. The biggest impact that the black and white designs and styles have is by combining the minimum amounts of the color. Addition of accent color will break up sea of monochrome and make calls to action as well as interest points leap out. This design trend celebrates minimalism and keeps it simple which is sometimes a powerful tool for certain websites.

Natural organic shapes: The web pages are typically made for systematic grids however web designer are focusing their attention on the natural shapes as well as smooth lines. Geometric structures like rectangles, squares and the triangles form sharp corners and that creates the pattern of stability however the trends of 2019 are more focused on comfort and accessibility. Since the organic shapes are naturally asymmetrical and imperfect they provide depth to the web pages which makes the page components to stand out. While they may be based in the nature the free-drawn elements as well as components are able to capture the spontaneity of the man-made accidents like paint splatter. The target is for the web design components to feel alive and human through illusion of the moment

Micro-interactions: The micro-interactions are basically events that have one purpose which is to surprise the users and enable the creation of an event which is human and inviting. For instance every time whenever you take a small action on any app or website, you get a specific response to that which is known as the micro-interaction. Like when you check the social media sites for updates and you see the red icon displaying notification count or messages then that action is called the micro-interaction. The “It’s A Match” animation on Tinder, the “hookup” on Fuckbook, the “Boom” on Bumble; these are all examples of powerful micro-transactions. They trigger a familiar response of affirmation. The year is likely to see more interactive incarnations of these micro-interactions to an even higher degree. This is because the micro-interactions help engage the audience with subtle dynamic messages and actions that also make the web pages more interactive and smart. The value of engagement only continues to soar so expect to see more websites utilizing micro-interactions throughout their sites.

Video content: The integration of the videos on web pages is fairly common however you are likely to see increased video content on the web pages as they help in diversifying the page and cater to the specific audience.

Mobile Optimization: Web browsing is happening more and more everyday via mobile devices, whether that be on tablets or smartphones. Web developers are taking into account how their sites look and function in this capacity. Search engines like Google are taking this into account and websites that are more optimized for mobile devices are gaining authority. Although many aspects of a website are directly transferable to smaller screens, many are not. Designs and functions tailored to look appealing and function efficiently on the mobile screen will be far more common this year.

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