How to Learn PHP For Free

The evolution of software and programming means we continue to see newer developments, additions and improvements in the programming languages as well the frameworks that implement them. The software industry is constantly evolving and there are new languages as well as tools that are being added for the modern requirements. However the PHP coding language still remains one of the most widely used owing to its utility in the dynamic web pages. If you work on websites or interested about it then you must consider learning PHP and how it is deployed.

Learning PHP For Free

Before we see how you can learn PHP for free let us have a brief look at what exactly PHP is and what can one expect when learning the language. PHP is a coding language that is built for the purpose of creation of dynamic web pages and it basically runs on server side. The majority of the scripts and websites are made using the PHP. The web hosts are often provided with the list of the one-click-install scripts. The PHP is ideal for you if you want to enable the creation of a plug-in for the WordPress or want to work with same script that runs the Wikipedia. Speaking in practical terms almost all the dynamic hosts make use of the PHP and it is very and straight forward to use it. PHP though does comes with its own issues such as inconsistencies, quirks and messy syntax. However there have been improvements to the PHP over a period of time and if you want to create dynamic web pages then this is a good language to learn.

If you want to design a website then you will find that there are a number of freelance developers who will offer to do the job for you. However that means you will have a stranger designing your site with no interest in its long term efficiency or security. However by obtaining the basic information and knowledge about the PHP and its functions so that you can handle the stability and security of your own website. Learning PHP will also help you in gaining important knowledge about the various customizations that you can do on the website and enhancements that you can apply for optimized results.

PHP can be very useful for your web development requirements as it is able to collect data, do calculations and analyze the important bits of other data. It is similar to the HTML in certain aspects as the PHP enables flexibility in the creation of pages and their content by creating simple fragments of the code. When these fragments of the code are assembled they allow various changes throughout the multiple pages with the timely and convenient changes. The PHP also allows new levels of customization and functionality that other markup languages such as HTML can’t offer, even though you don’t get sweeping and fast changes to the layout of the page with PHP.

As is the case with various other web languages you don’t need special programs or the tools for coding it properly. A simple text editor is a powerful tool when it comes to coding with the PHP. There are some other tools and applications available that will help you with the syntax and warn you of potential errors so that you enjoy an error free coding experience with the PHP. However the majority of the scripts that are required for most of the web applications you only need a simple text editor like notepad.

PHP is the second most popular web development language just behind the HTML and thus you will find plenty of resources both online as well as offline to learn the language. If you want to learn PHP for free then there are a number of resources available online that allow you to download the tutorials and learn the PHP language in a simple and effective manner. When you are learning from the tutorials it is important to have training packages and test case scenarios to fully establish what you have learnt and understand how much concept you have exactly grasped.

The test material and mock tests are important pieces of content that help you measure your progress when learning a new language. If you just choose to go through the tutorial without testing the concept in different scenarios then it is possible that you might not have grasped the full concept properly. There is one easy way to test your knowledge and the depth of your learning and that is by taking various test case scenarios and solving them.

On the internet you will find plenty of free resource material for learning PHP from different sources such as amongst others who provide quality content for the interested people.

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